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At Beauty In The Street we will take your most iconic performances and immortalize them on the blockchain. First you can provide us with a signature move/moment that you're proud of, then we will turn it into an in game emote that your fans can use to express themselves. We'll mint it as an NFT so you can sell it or give it to your most valued supporters.


What is an EMOTE-NFT

An Emote NFT is an in game emotion, performance, or movement that people can use to express themselves. A dancers job is to express themselves and an emote allows players to share that expression and use them to communicate in games and apps. By turning these emotes into NFTs on the blockchain we are unlocking their potential to move across the world freely and be used in multiple games and apps also to be sold on any decentralized market place. True digital ownership will be the future and blockchain tech makes it possible for it to exist.



This concept challenges the stigmas attached to "the streets," by acknowledging the value and talent of artists who share their passions with society in public spaces. 
Snap Boogie brought life to a vision whereby street performing artists and  dancers are no longer underestimated due to the location of their exhibitions, but instead are praised and respected for their integrity and authenticity. 

Beauty in the Streets intends to display the true quality of these artists, by rewriting the script, and showcasing the heart and soul of these talented individuals. This is achieved by turning their dance moves/performing moments into a video-game emote NFTs. Thus, enabling these artists to connect with fans on another level, while gaining intellectual property in a growing industry. Therefore, merging the Arts with gaming, and the NFT industry, towards a new and creative future.

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